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House Civil Justice Subcommittee Overwhelmingly Defends Women and Children from Sexual Predators!  
20150315 Christian Family Coalition
Note: advance video to two hours and seven minutes to watch CFC in action.
State Rep. Frank Artiles
Anthony Verdugo
CFC Florida
Minister Nathaniel Wilcox
In Florida, a criminal man was allowed access into the women's bathroom at a Best Buy store. The 250-pound 6-foot tall man assaulted then nearly beat to death a little 9-year-old girl.
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HB583 bill will prevent tragedies like this one from happening.
Click to write your support to State Rep. Frank Artiles HB 583 bill.

House Civil Justice Subcommittee
overwhelmingly approves
CFC-backed bill to protect women and children from sexual predators!

Homosexual hate groups become violent after losing vote, yell obscenities at legislators "F*** YOU!"

Opponents use smokescreen of so-called "discrimination" as desperation tactic against HB-583, but their arguments totally failed!  

MIAMI-On Wed., March 4th, the Christian Family Coalition (CFC) Florida, and courageous House Sponsor Frank Artiles, R-Miami, led the effort for passage of HB-538, a common-sense public safety bill ensuring that facilities designated for a single-sex (i.e., bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, dressing rooms, spas) be used only by persons of that sex. For example, a man's bathroom, locker room, shower, dressing room, can only be used by men, and a woman's bathroom, locker room, shower, dressing room, can only be used by women. 

It's a pretty simple proposition.  
We need to protect all of our families from becoming victims of crimes by predators using opposite-sex bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, dressing rooms, and spas. In August, 2013, a 29-year-old criminal man was allowed access into the women's bathroom at a Jacksonville, Florida, Best Buy store and nearly beat to death a 9-year-old girl!

HB-583 would have prevented this heinous crime! 

After the vote, CFC issued the following statement:
"Despite opponent's desperate lies about the bill and their disgusting attacks against its courageous House Sponsor Frank Artiles, committee members saw right through their deception and overwhelmingly approved HB-583, a common-sense public safety bill.  The opposition argument that this somehow "legalizes discrimination" is a smokescreen so laughable that it's total nonsense, double nonsense.  We applaud all the brave committee members who voted for the bill and look forward to their continued support as the bill moves its way through the House and Senate"

Despite slanderous attacks from the media and threats from extremists groups Rep. Frank Artileskeeps moving forward HB583 to protect everyone. It is now your duty to do your part to help him move forward to a final approval of this bill:
Post your support to HB-583 - Single-Sex Public Facilities, on Rep. Frank Artiles Facebook now.

This outstanding public servant should be applauded- not attacked for his dedication and concern for the safety of all Floridians!

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