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Narrow Supreme Court Marriage Ruling Unconstitutional; Americans Will Never Accept Illegitimate Edict


Corrupt justices will not have the final word. Americans firmly reject judicial abuse and tyranny." 

Miami, FL. [Friday, June 26, 2015-- Christian Family Coalition (CFC) Florida Founder and Executive Director Anthony Verdugo, reaffirming the organization's staunch advocacy of human and civil rights, responded today to the U.S. Supreme Court's narrow decision violating the due process and voting rights of over 50 million Americans who voted to respect the institution of Marriage as the union of one husband, one wife.

CFC Florida issued the following statement:

"Today, five corrupt and outlaw judges on the U.S. Supreme Court violated the dignity, equality and voting rights of ALL Americans by illegally and unconstitutionally inventing a so-called "right" to "homosexual marriage" and tyrannically imposing it on the nation.

The U.S. Constitution does not envision nor grant any so-called "right" to "homosexual marriage." The five justices that conspired to impose this legal fraud on our country have lost all credibility and authority to remain on the bench. This illegitimate edict will simply be ignored and resoundingly rejected by ALL law-abiding, freedom-loving Americans."

No amount of corrupt lawyers or judges can ever trample our rights and freedoms by overthrowing our democratically-approved State Constitutions and suppressing our rights as voters

Regardless of what extremists think or say, Marriage is and only be the union of a husband and a wife. Nature and Nature's God, hailed by the Declaration of Independence signers as the very source of Law in our land, will not be sabotaged by this illegitimate edict issued by five corrupt lawyers.

The American people are ready to defend their democratic freedoms and civil rights by rejecting this attack on Democracy that crassly imposes an arbitrary, irrational definition of Marriage; one that violates our freedom to live and work in harmony with our beliefs and values.

In the face of this disgraceful and narrow ruling, we at CFC will redouble our efforts to uncompromisingly defend the dignity, equality, and civil rights of all Americans to uphold Marriage as the union of a husband and a wife. 



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