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Outrageous! Arrested for her faith...  
20150903 Christian Family Coalition
Outrageous! Arrested for her faith...
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Kentucky County Clerk Arrested for Exercising her First Amendment Rights!

"We have crossed a dangerous line toward tyranny in America."

MIAMI-Today, corrupt and lawless U.S. District Court Judge David Bunning ordered Rowan County, Kentucky, County Clerk Kim Davis arrested and put in prison by federal marshals to remain there until she agrees to issue fraudulent homosexual "marriage" licenses bearing her name.

This is the most outrageous and evil example of lawlessness and corruption we have seen in America to date. You do not give up your First Amendment rights because you work for the government. There is a reasonable expectation for religious accommodations, as seen in the private sector and even the federal government itself everyday. Forcing an individual to violate their deeply held conscience and beliefs is tyranny. We are no different than rogue nations like China, North Korea, or Cuba when we act this way.

Other states such as Utah, North Carolina, Texas, Alabama, and even New York are leading the way in allowing marriage clerks to opt-out of issuing fake homosexual "marriage" licenses. Kentucky should do the same.

Judge Bunning is the one who is in violation of his oath of office for violating the First Amendment and the U.S. Supreme Court precedence in the case of Hobby Lobby, where they ruled the government cannot force for-profit corporations to violate their conscience. This is no different.

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