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Victory Report! California Supreme Court Declares Marriage is One Man, One Woman!  
After more than nine years, the people of California have finally WON the right to protect and define marriage as the union of one man, one woman!

The Christian Family Coalition issued the following statement:

"Millions of Californians signed petitions to place Proposition 8 on the ballot and over seven million voters approved the measure on Election Day.  Arguably, even the most liberal court in the nation has now acknowledged the people's right to petition their government for a redress of grievances and upheld the state's constitutional amendment to protect marriage.  This case should serve as an encouragement to the people of Iowa, who are also working to overturn their state supreme court's decision imposing homosexual "marriage."  The moral to the story:  that you can fight city hall --- in this case, the state supreme court ---  and win!" 

The highlights of the fight for marriage in California:

March, 2000:  The people of California approved, by a 62%-38% margin, a statewide resolution defining marriage as one man, one woman. 

2000-2007:  California legislature took it upon themselves to very slowly and quietly, pass domestic partner measures giving homosexuals piecemeal benefits and rights of married couples. 

February, 2004:  San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom begins to issue fraudulent marriage licenses to homosexuals in San Francisco.

May, 2008:  California Supreme Court legalizes homosexual "marriage."   

June, 2008:  State of California begins to issue homosexual "marriage" licenses as a result of a state supreme court ruling.

November, 2008:  The people of California approve Proposition 8, (52%-48%) a statewide constitutional amendment protecting marriage as one man, one woman.   

March, 2009:  The California Supreme Court hears oral arguments challenging the constitutionality of Proposition 8.  Homosexual extremists seek to overturn the will of the people and legalize homosexual "marriage."

May, 2009:  The California Supreme Court by a near-unanimous decision (6-1) reaffirms Proposition 8, allowing the state constitution to protect marriage as the union of one man, one woman.

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