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Planned Parenthood of Florida wants to stop Pro-Life Ultrasound Bill!  
Last week, we reported to you that the Health Care Regulation Policy Committee in Tallahassee passed the pro-life ultrasound bill requiring an ultrasound to be performed on all women seeking an abortion in Florida! Now, Planned Parenthood has announced all-out war against this PRO-LIFE bill!

Last year, the ultrasound bill passed the House and ended up tied in the State Senate on a 20-20 vote, killing the bill!  In essence, we are just one vote shy of passing this historic PRO-LIFE bill in the State Senate and Florida, for that matter!


In states where this bill has been adopted, abortions have been substantially reduced and that is why Planned Parenthood is against this bill, because it WILL reduce abortions and cost them MONEY!


On March 30th, Planned Parenthood plans to hold a major "Rally in Tally" for support of their pro-abortion agenda!


We need your help right now, the Christian Family Coalition has always lead the effort to help pass PRO-LIFE legislation in Tallahassee and this year is no different!


We must raise at least $10,000 to stop Planned Parenthood! 


We will have lobbyists on the ground in Tallahassee making sure we hold our elected officials feet to the fire!


But we need everyone who receives this e-mail to make a one-time EMERGENCY CONTRIBUTION right now of any amount $15, $20, $25, $50 or even $100 today! 



There is too much at stake to ignore this special appeal!

We are up against very well-funded opponents who raised over $100,000 in January of this year alone


Won't you please help us fund this pro-life project in Tallahassee project with a very special one-time gift of  $15, $20, $25, $50 or even $100 today!  CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION


If everyone who gets this e-mail makes a contribution of any amount right now, we will reach our goal of

$10,000 in only twenty-four (24) hours! 


We are counting on you.  We cannot go to Tallahassee, unless you fund this project.  We must hold our elected officials accountable, but that can only happen with your generous one-time financial contribution.


PLEASE!  too much is at stake to ignore this E-mail. 


The very future of our families, our children and grandchildren are at stake, we must win these critical battles for the PRO-LIFE CAUSE!


Please make your most generous contribution of any amount $15, $20, $25, $50 or even $100 right now!




In His Service,

Anthony Verdugo

Founder and Executive Director, Christian Family Coalition

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