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SPECIAL ALERT! Pro-Life Bill Up for a Special Vote in Tallahassee!  
Wednesday, March 18th, the Health Care Regulation Policy Committee will hold a special hearing and subsequent vote on HB 983. HB 983 is a pro-life bill, filed by State Representative Ani-Tere Flores (Dist. 114), which will require that an ultrasound be performed on any woman before obtaining an abortion in the state of Florida.

According to the text of the bill, the person performing the ultrasound must allow the woman to view the live ultrasound images, and a physician or a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, advanced registered nurse practitioner, or physician assistant working in conjunction with the physician must review and explain the live ultrasound images prior to the woman giving informed consent to having an abortion.


This is an extremely important moment for us; in states where this legislation has been adopted, abortions have been reduced by as much as 20%!  That is why so-called "women's groups " such as Planned Parenthood are vehemently opposed to this proposal and are urging legislators to vote against it! 


We must flood the capitol immediately with E-mails, asking key members of the Health Care Regulation Policy Committee to vote "YES" on HB 983!



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Patronis, Jimmy (R) - Chair  jimmy.patronis@myfloridahouse.gov   Capitol Office: (850) 488-9696

District Office: (850) 914-6300


Porth, Ari Abraham (D)        ari.porth@myfloridahouse.gov            Capitol Office: (850) 488-2124

District Office: (954) 346-2810


Eisnaugle, Eric (R)              eric.eisnaugle@myfloridahouse.gov     District Office: (407) 893-3141
Capitol Office: (850) 488-9770


Skidmore, Kelly (D)             kelly.skidmore@myfloridahouse.gov      District Office: (561) 470-6593
Capitol Office: (850) 488-1302




As a voter in the state of Florida, I support HB 983 requiring an ultrasound before an abortion and allowing women to view the results of their ultrasound.  As a representative of ALL the people of Florida, I am asking you to vote "YES" on HB 983.


Please use this opportunity to stand up for women and children all across the state by voting "YES" on HB 983!

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