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2008 Accomplishments & Community Outreach Events  

Florida Division of Elections gives final approval to Marriage Protection Amendment
     The Christian Family Coalition announced that it has filed the remaining 3,300 petition signatures necessary to place the Florida Marriage Amendment on the November 2008 U.S. Presidential ballot. Christian Family Coalition filed approximately 50,000 petition signatures throughout the campaign.

Florida Education Board votes to call evolution theory and not “fact”
     The Florida Board of Education in Tallahassee voted by the slimmest of margins, 4-3, to teach evolution as scientific theory instead of scientific fact.

NFL Concedes to Pressure from Christian Family Coalition and Congress, agrees to Allow Churches to View Super Bowl on Large Screen TVs
     After pressure from The Christian Family Coalition, other human rights organizations and members of Congress, the National Football League has announced that it will not object to live showings of future Super Bowls by religious organizations when such showings are free and on premises used by the religious organization on a routine and customary basis.

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum Recipient of the Christian Family Coalition’s 2008 Freedom of Speech Award
     Thanks to Bill McCollum's bold stand against political correctness, UF officials changed their position last night in an official mass email that recognized the First Amendment Rights of the students who promoted the film.  "The state of Florida is truly blessed to have a man like Attorney General McCollum protecting and defending our First Amendment free speech rights," stated Anthony Verdugo, Founder and Executive Director, Christian Family Coalition.

Florida Attorney General Asks California Supreme Court to Delay Homosexual “Marriage” Decision
     The Christian Family Coalition announced that Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum filed documents urging the California Supreme Court to delay finalizing its ruling to legalize homosexual "marriage".
     The attorney general said in court documents, filed Thursday, that the state of Florida has an interest in the case because we would have to determine if our state would recognize the marriage of homosexual residents who "wed" in California.

Christian Ministry in Florida Backs out of Deal with Planned Parenthood!
      Habitat for Humanity, a Christian ministry, which among other worthwhile projects, builds homes for homeless, has backed out of a deal to partner with Planned Parenthood to build a new abortion clinic in Sarasota, Florida.  After a torrent of phone calls and E-mails, the board of directors for Habitat's Sarasota branch voted to "dissociate" itself from the project.

Governor Charlie Crist Re-Iterates support for Florida Marriage Amendment
      The Christian Family Coalition applauds Governor Charlie Crist for publicly endorsing the Florida Marriage Protection Amendment which is on the ballot during the upcoming November 4th U.S. Presidential elections.

Christian Family Hosts Largest 2008 Primary Candidates Forum in the State
      During the month of August, the Christian Family Coalition held the only candidates forum hosted by a Christian organization. Over three-hundred (300) attendees, more than any other candidates forum in the state, listened as all the major candidates addressed them and asked for their vote during the primaries.

Fair-Minded Pro-Family Candidates Win Primary Elections!
The Christian Family Coalition (CFC) commended the nearly one dozen fair-minded pro-family candidates who won in their respective races.  From the state house to the school house, thousands of fair-minded pro-family voters began to retake their government.

Governor Crist Appoints Fair-Minded Justices to the Florida Supreme Court
The Christian Family Coalition commended Florida Governor Charlie Crist for his appointment of Charles Canady to the Florida Supreme Court to fill the vacancy left by retiring Justice Raoul Cantero and appellate judge Rickey Polston to replace retiring justice Kenneth Bell.

Florida Voters Support Sixty (60%) Percent of Christian Family Coalition Recommendations
During the U.S. Presidential elections in November, the Christian Family Coalition issued a slate of recommended candidates and positions on a wide range of issues.  As a result of our hard work and effort, voters throughout Florida voted, based upon our recommendations an overwhelming sixty (60%) percent of the time.

Florida Voters Overwhelmingly Protect Marriage!
     After nearly four (4) years of hard work and effort, voters approved the Florida Marriage Amendment by a 62% to 38% margin.  What is particularly significant about this victory is that Florida now joins twenty-nine (29) other states, becoming the 30th state to amend its constitution to protect marriage as one man, one woman.  It also became the first state to approve a marriage amendment by a 60%+ margin due to a constitutional mandate.

Christian Family Coalition Distributes Nearly One Million Voter Guides in Florida During 2008 Election Season
     During the 2008 calendar year, three (3) elections took place in Florida, the U.S. Presidential primary in January, local primaries in August, and the U.S. Presidential elections in November.  All told, this year, the Christian Family Coalition distributed over one million non-partisan voter guides throughout the state.

Major Newspaper Credits the Christian Family Coalition for Protecting Orphaned Children from Homosexual Adoption
     In December, The St. Petersburg Times, a major newspaper in Florida, credited the Christian Family Coalition with maintaining Florida’s law, protecting orphaned children from homosexual adoption. Here is an excerpt of the article:  "Every year, when a bill is filed to repeal the ban, opposition mobilizes.  When Rep. Bill Galvano, R-Bradenton, indicated a willingness to hear the bill in 2006, he was targeted with E-mail from the Christian Family Coalition, warning about "homosexual extremists."

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