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Miami-Dade County "Kangaroo Court" violates the U.S. Constitution Again!  
County claims the law does NOT APPLY to them!


 Pastor Rob Myers,
Miami Baptist Church

The Christian Family Coalition announced that a Miami-Dade County "Kangaroo Court" has once again violated the U.S. Constitution.  The latest violation of the Constitution comes against Miami Baptist Church in West Kendall.  On Tuesday, September 23, amidst storm-collection efforts, Miami Dade County ordered Miami Baptist Church to remove clothing collection bins from their property.


The County has fined the church $500 and has threatened the church with property liens and further fines if they do not remove their clothing collection bins within the next thirty (30) days.  The church has also been fined $500 and been given thirty (30) days to remove its bus from their own property.


Tom Robertson, a County Attorney, actually told Pastor Rob Myers, senior pastor of Miami Baptist Church in West Kendall to SUE the County if he was not in agreement with the State Law Regarding Religious Land Use.  Pastor Myers, thinks this is a waste of tax payers' money and county time.  He does not want to have to sue the County he loves and helps so often.


Pastor Myers claims harassment and discrimination against their clothing bins.  The County wants us to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees and hearings to give us the right to have the clothing bins and bus on our property; rights that are already Constitutionally protected and also covered by Florida State Law. Title XLIV, CIVIL RIGHTS /Chapter 761/ RELIGIOUS FREEDOM 761.03 


Art Spiegel, the Attorney For the Church, is preparing legal responses.

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