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Meet the over 81% of CFC-Endorsed Candidates who WON Tuesday Night! On the losing side, 67% of Homosexual-Backed Candidates LOST!20101103
Christian Family Coalition Recommends Frank Artiles in State House District 11920101101
Christian Family Coalition Recommends Jose Felix Diaz in State House District 11520101101
Christian Family Coalition Recommends Michael Bileca in State House District 11720101101
Christian Family Coalition Recommends Miguel Diaz de la Portilla State Senate District 3620101101
Christian Family Coalition Recommends Morgan McPherson20101101
Christian Family Coalition Recommends Luigi Boria for Doral City Council, Seat 220101030
Christian Family Coalition Hosts Kick-Off Breakfast in Palm Beach with Lizbeth Benacquisto20101021
2010 Monroe County Election Voter Guide20101014
Christian Family Coalition 2010 Miami-Dade County General Election Voter Guide20101012
2010 Christian Family Coalition Candidate Slate for Miami-Dade County20101009
Victory Report! - Pro-Family Candidates Supported by Christian Family Coalition Score HUGE Election Victories!20100825
Rick Scott's self assertion as "an across-the-board conservative" contradicted by current business practices20100821
Christian Family Coalition Recommends Miguel Diaz de la Portilla in State Senate District 3620100820
Christian Family Coalition Recommends Miami-Dade Commissioner Javier Souto in County Commission District 1020100819
Christian Family Coalition Recommends Michael Bileca in State House District 11720100818
Christian Family Coalition Recommends Carlos Manrique for State House District 11620100817
Bill MCCollum Endorsed by Christian Family Coalition20100816
2010 Candidate Slate for Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties20100810
Christian Family Coalition Hosts Largest Gubernatorial and Attorney General Candidate's Forums in Florida!20100808
2010 Christian Family Coalition Candidate Slate20100804
Saturday, August 7th, 2010 Florida Gubernatorial Candidates Forum20100709
2010 FLORIDA VOTER GUIDES (All Counties)20100000
A Sweep for the Pro-Family Cause on Tuesday Night! Big Wins in Virginia, New Jersey and Maine!
CFC Opens National Election Center on Tuesday night!
2009 CFC Hialeah Candidate Slate
2009 CFC Homestead Candidate Slate
2009 CFC City of Miami, Florida Voter guide
With Rubio gaining, Crist getting religion
Christian Family Coalition Among Invitees to Key Leaders Meeting in Florida!
Election 2008 Results
CFC Congratulates Senator John McCain for Selecting a Pro-Life, Pro-Family Hero as his Running Mate!
CFC Congratulates Winning Fair-Minded Pro-Family Candidates!